International English Language Testing System

The International English Language Testing System; IELTS is an English Proficiency Exam structured to measure one’s mastery of the standard English Language in four key areas for academic, immigration and work purposes. The IELTS certificate is very instructive in making academic and work decisions on applicants especially for countries like UK, the US, Canada, Australia and many others.

Types of the IELTS Exam

We are the first to structurally categorize the IELTS exam into types; though it has been available in various platforms but none has put the types of IELTS together the way we have done in this write up. And the reason for this is to help test takers and intending test takers to have a perfect understanding on the kind or type of ielts to choose when applying for the exam. See the types of ielts exam below;

#1-THE British Council IELTS

This is the commonly known IELTS exam that covers more than 150 countries and institutions put together. It is very clear from the online statistics available that about 80% to 85% of IELTS test takers actually go for this type of IELTS.

#2 – The IELTS UKVI (UK Visas)

This kind of IELTS exam is specifically meant for the Uk or and UK Visa related alone. As it stands today, only the United Kingdom accepts this IELTS to support your documents for school admissions or work related visas services. It is accepted by the UK visas as a proof of your English Proficiency


This is the Australia version of the IELTS exam, the IDP version of the IELTS is strategically meant for those who intend to work or study in Australia.

IELTS Exam Components (Modules) / Tests

The International English Language Testing System – IELTS is accessed from four (4) key areas regardless of the type of IELTS you intend to take. These four components will also be scored separately and they are as follows;

  1. The Speaking Test
  2. The Listening Test
  3. The Reading Test
  4. The Writing Test

We provide Training tutorials for each and all the four components using IELTS recommended syllable as delivered to us during training by the organizers of the exam. Click Here to Enroll Now

Methods of Writing of the IELTS Exam

The IELTS exam, regardless of the type employs two constructive and very engaging methods for testing its test takers. it should be noted here that content however of the exam is always the same. The methods for writing the IELTS exam are;

  1. Paper Base – PB: This is the most common in Nigeria with many centers nearly in all major cities in Nigeria. This method simply means using Pencil / Pen and paper for the exam. However, test takers taking exam using this method will have to take the entire exam within two days. On the first day the speaking exam will be taken while the second and last day will be for Listening, Reading and writing modules. Again, it takes fourteen days in Nigeria for the result of the paper base ielts exam to be released online and nearly another fourteen days for the hard copy to be delivered to the test taker.
  2. Computer Delivered- CD: This is using computer system for the IELTS exam. The major requirement here is to have computer basic skills especially in the area of typing fast. Those employing this method while writing their test will take the IELTS exam within a day and the online result will be available within 5 days, and then it will take another five days for the hard copy to be delivered to the test taker.