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Sample Question for ielts writing task 2

Do you think it is better for students to work before their university study? Why? Use reasons and specific examples to support your choice

Sample Answer

It is of great importance in our current days and time that everyone should be educated, sadly in some countries especially developing nations some people are made to stay at home for a considerable period of time before finally gaining admission into higher institution of learning. Within this time, could it be a wise decision for students to be working while waiting for the entrance into school to be granted to them? In my view, it is a smart thing to do and in this essay I am going to employ some salient facts and well-structured explanations to support this opinion.

Firstly, it gives the students the opportunity to acquire social skills which obviously will be very useful and helpful while at school. Taking a lead from history line, there are uncountable numbers of people who actually sponsored and paid their ways through higher learning institutions. Interestingly, they were able to achieve this on the ticket of some of the skills they gained at some point in life especially during pre-schools periods. Additionally, working while waiting for the privilege to be enrolled into university will actually give you … skills and exposure that will be an asset to you while finally in school. For Instance, the famous blind Helen Keller who became a motivational speaker, orator, lecturer and a world influencer had to work before gaining entrance into school and even learnt how to play the musical keyboard to a professional level. Clearly then, it pays more to work before university study.

Again, it mitigates against possible and unconscious recruitment into some sort of social vices groups within the community. It is an age-long saying that “that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” this illustrates, typifies and demonstrates with indisputable evidences in our various societies that when people most importantly youths and young adults are not meaningfully engaged they become subjected to easy negative influence.  Most notoriously known people in our world today especially core kidnappers, killers and armed-robbers joined such gangs during a time in their lives when they felt not-doing-anything. Essentially therefore, when people not working while waiting for admission into school, they become easy prey for recruitment into unreasonable groups in the community where they live. 

Conclusively, it makes logical sense that some school of thought might have the ideology that negates working before university study. However, it has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt from my points and explanations in this piece of writing that working before entry into higher institution of learning bags more gains than loss.

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