Animals, according to physical science are lower in intelligence and mental excellence when compare to humans. The growing concern by some nations of the world and meaningful individuals that animals should not be use wrongly but accorded the same rights as humans while others are of the contrary view; emphasizing that humans must continue to employ animals for the gratifications of their desires is becoming a global burden.  This essay seeks to look at the merits of each and both views mentioned above independently and emphasis which is more laudable.

Firstly, there is a group of people that believes that animals should not be exploited but that animals should have the same rights as humans. Interestingly, the word in consideration here is “exploit” which symbolizes the unlawful use or engagement of animals by humans. It is in the public domain that several countries of the world already have laws enacted to mitigate illegal use of animals and to ensure proper involvement of animals in all aspect of human life. Take for instance, there are dogs specifically meant for hunting, security work and there are others meant to be used as pets; it is should be noted here that dogs meant             for hunting is not allowed by some countries to be used as pet this is viewed as violating their rights. Similarly, there are places where animals meant for food are slaughtered and not just randomly killed in public places. Therefore, these polices are meant actually to give some rights similar to that of humans to these animals.  It is explicitly clear that as time progresses these rights, policies and laws concerning the “rights” of animals will become more encompassing and eventually become same as that of humans.

Again, there is another group of individuals that are of the views that humans must continuously employ animas to satisfy their various needs including food and research. The dominance of humans over animals is quite glaring and this is connected to their nature, level of intelligence, physiological and anatomical make up as against that of humans. As far back as history can remind us now; animals are seemly designed to serve the human race and the humans have wonderfully engaged these animals thus. Protein which is one of the major classes of food is predominantly gotten from animals, importantly therefore, people will progressively get their protein (food) satisfaction from these animals else they will become deficient in protein which will adversely affect their immune system or lead to several unwanted and life-threatening ailments. Medically, animals have been very helpful in research like in the case of Rhesus factor; a particular group of animals – “monkeys” to be precise were greatly instrumental in the Rhesus factor research work. Base on the evident-driven facts presented herein, it is validated that humans will continuously get their food from animals and gladly employs them for research work whenever the need arises.  

In Conclusion, looking at the merits and demits of both views as expanded in this piece of writing, it is evidently clear and my unwavering opinion that man will excitedly linger on in the use of animals as both food and varying research work.