Periodically we post sample writings from our students, especially those with outstanding write-ups for your preparations towards achieving a high band score in the IELTS writing test. Below is IELTS 2023 Academic Sample Writing Task 2 by Divine Edoghor. 

Sample IELTS Academic Writing Task 2

Children are generally more successful in foreign language studies than adults. Thus, it is better to learn languages in childhood.

Do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Response to IELTS Academic Writing Task 2
Written by Divine Edoghor

Language is one of the oldest means of communications between humans-humans, and humans – animals. According to information in the public domain, children learn languages quicker and with more ease when compared to adults. Therefore saying, that children are more successful in the study of international languages than adults may not be a total deviation from the reality. Accordingly, I agree that children are generally more successful in learning various languages than the adults and in this essay I will provide well thought-out supporting details for this position I have taken.

Firstly, I will emphasis on the fact that children are the ones who still attend school, whether it be primary, secondary or tertiary institution. They go to school and will still be used to the learning environment but the same cannot be said about the adults. Most adults merely have the time after graduating from so many years of studying at school and now trying to be financially stable to sit down and pay attention to learn a foreign language. For instance, a child who goes to school daily and is willing to learn compared to a father who works daily in order earn a living not just for him but his family as well, the child would definitely find it easy to learn a new or foreign language within a shorter time and be very successful compared to the father who has more interest in providing for his family.

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Furthermore, Children are generally very inquisitive beings unlike most adults who focus mainly on money, partying, and especially after graduating which most are eager to do. Their minds are open to new learning environment. Most children around the world definitely are interested in learning foreign languages like French, Spanish and even German. Most of these are even taught in schools and are usually needed to get admitted into some foreign schools. Adults with the mindset that they do not need to learn a foreign language would be less interested and very reluctant to learn something new. They (adults) would deem it unimportant.

In conclusion, Children would be more successful learning foreign languages due to their opportunity to still attend school rather than most adults who don’t. Moreover, children have less responsibilities than adults.

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