Idiomatic Expressions 2023

This is the summary of the English Idiomatic Expressions should learn how to use, more will be commutated in a short while

  1. I could hardly wait; means I was so excited, I didn’t want to wait
  2. “Hit the hay.”; really tired and want to go to sleep
  3. Up in the air: means undecided; how about those plans, oh still up in the air
  4. It blew my mind; means It was very impressive
  5. It blew me away; Means it was so impressive, e.g. He blew me away with his knowledge
  6. Stabbed in the back: to be betrayed by someone you taught you could trust
  7. Takes two to tango: if there is a suspicious situation then there’s more than one culprit
  8. Kill two birds with one stone: a single action knocks out two tasks
  9. Piece of cake: simple and easy
  10. Costs an arm and a leg: costs a lot of money, it will be painful for your wallet
  11. Break a leg: wishing someone good luck
  12. Rule of thumb: A rule of thumb is a “rule” that’s not totally precise
  13. Blow off steam: when you are feeling angry or upset and wants to do something to relief yourself of those emotions
  14. Under the weather: slightly unwell or in low spirit
  15. Feeling out of sorts: not feeling well or in an unhappy mood
  16. Feeling a bit off: unhappy, not well
  17. All ears: full attention, am all ears means you have my 100% attention

Available opportunities to travel abroad in 2023

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Many people have various reasons for concluding on relocating out of Nigeria to other countries of the world. The commonest of them all is the desire for a greener pasture fueled by the passion to fulfill one’s life maximally or simply put to explore the possibilities available out there.  Whatever being your reason for desiring to relocate out of the country it’s a noble aspiration that should be encouraged but however, many countries of the world have hostile and very stringent restrictions towards people migrating to their country. This is why it will be very imperative that you employ the best strategy if you must succeed in securing visa to legally move to any country of your choice.

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Kindly take note of the Followings;

  • We are a consultancy agency; this means we assist you to apply for admission (either scholarship or otherwise) and follow it up to ensure you are granted the admission
  • The Administration for Admission is different from the administration for visa application though we provide both supports
  • We do not promise automatic granting of admission; each country has their rules and requirement for seeking for admission which is narrowed down to the Institution.
  • Some schools take Application fee which you have to pay in the case of such schools during application processes

General Requirements for Seeking for Admission

  • You should have an international passport that has not expired
  • You should have an English Proficiency Exam result especially IELTS, GRE, or TOEFL
  • You have your transcript Ready or be able to provide it within the shortest possible time
  • You should be able to provide a Referee
  • Availability of all relevant educational documents


other Documents Needed

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP); this is actually your first official essay to the school about yourself that should have around 1500 word. Here will assist you to come up with a globally accepted SOP
  • Standard Resume / CV
  • Gap Year Work Experience

How to Commence the Application Processes

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Easiest ways to Travel Abroad in 2023

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Several Nigerians are currently searching for easiest and secure ways to travel abroad; this includes easy ways to travel to UK, USA, Canada, Australia Ireland and several other countries and for several ambitions too. It is a noble desire globally and well-respect stance for anyone to desire to move out of his/her country of origin/citizenship to other country either for visit or full relocation. However, many Nigerians have been dubbed by fake visa agents of their hard earned funds leaving them hopeless and weary. Additionally, what I do is to guide you through the processes of securing visa without much stress and a reliable visa that will not be turned down at the airport.  

Interestingly, I have been assisting people for nearly ten (10) years now to travel out of Nigeria to their desired country for study, work or migration purposes and therefore I have discovered that one of the easiest ways to travel abroad is using the opportunities that come with IELTS exam.


The International English Language Testing System IELTS is a globally acceptable exam that comes with several opportunities. Writing and passing the IELTS exam makes it easier for you to get admitted to study in any English Speaking university for undergraduate and post graduate courses and also helps you to secure work permit in these countries. Essentially, for Nigerians who want to travel outside the country in 2023 their best bet is to write and pass the ielts exam and use it to apply for admission or work visa. If you are doctor, a nurse, a professional expert then using the ielts to get visa is as easy as abc.

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Christmas Messages

Christmas is one of the leading celebrations world over not just by Christians but every human being, in fact Christmas is a season where people come together to share, love and just be happy. However, for the typical Christian; Christmas is a season of sober reflection, meditation and overall personal assessment of his/her closeness to God in appreciation for sending His son to come and die for his/her sins according to the Christian faith.

What is the main Christmas Message?

Since Christmas is mainly more appreciated by Christians its better to write Christmas messages with the Christians in mind, like taking a verse from the Bible and employing it to compose a Christmas message will be an interesting way to get a proper message, just try it. Fhobs Solutions might be able to help, you can send whatsapp message on +2349037672796

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Periodically we post sample writings from our students, especially those with outstanding write-ups for your preparations towards achieving a high band score in the IELTS writing test. Below is IELTS 2023 Academic Sample Writing Task 2 by Divine Edoghor. 

Sample IELTS Academic Writing Task 2

Children are generally more successful in foreign language studies than adults. Thus, it is better to learn languages in childhood.

Do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Response to IELTS Academic Writing Task 2
Written by Divine Edoghor

Language is one of the oldest means of communications between humans-humans, and humans – animals. According to information in the public domain, children learn languages quicker and with more ease when compared to adults. Therefore saying, that children are more successful in the study of international languages than adults may not be a total deviation from the reality. Accordingly, I agree that children are generally more successful in learning various languages than the adults and in this essay I will provide well thought-out supporting details for this position I have taken.

Firstly, I will emphasis on the fact that children are the ones who still attend school, whether it be primary, secondary or tertiary institution. They go to school and will still be used to the learning environment but the same cannot be said about the adults. Most adults merely have the time after graduating from so many years of studying at school and now trying to be financially stable to sit down and pay attention to learn a foreign language. For instance, a child who goes to school daily and is willing to learn compared to a father who works daily in order earn a living not just for him but his family as well, the child would definitely find it easy to learn a new or foreign language within a shorter time and be very successful compared to the father who has more interest in providing for his family.

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Furthermore, Children are generally very inquisitive beings unlike most adults who focus mainly on money, partying, and especially after graduating which most are eager to do. Their minds are open to new learning environment. Most children around the world definitely are interested in learning foreign languages like French, Spanish and even German. Most of these are even taught in schools and are usually needed to get admitted into some foreign schools. Adults with the mindset that they do not need to learn a foreign language would be less interested and very reluctant to learn something new. They (adults) would deem it unimportant.

In conclusion, Children would be more successful learning foreign languages due to their opportunity to still attend school rather than most adults who don’t. Moreover, children have less responsibilities than adults.

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Animals, according to physical science are lower in intelligence and mental excellence when compare to humans. The growing concern by some nations of the world and meaningful individuals that animals should not be use wrongly but accorded the same rights as humans while others are of the contrary view; emphasizing that humans must continue to employ animals for the gratifications of their desires is becoming a global burden.  This essay seeks to look at the merits of each and both views mentioned above independently and emphasis which is more laudable.

Firstly, there is a group of people that believes that animals should not be exploited but that animals should have the same rights as humans. Interestingly, the word in consideration here is “exploit” which symbolizes the unlawful use or engagement of animals by humans. It is in the public domain that several countries of the world already have laws enacted to mitigate illegal use of animals and to ensure proper involvement of animals in all aspect of human life. Take for instance, there are dogs specifically meant for hunting, security work and there are others meant to be used as pets; it is should be noted here that dogs meant             for hunting is not allowed by some countries to be used as pet this is viewed as violating their rights. Similarly, there are places where animals meant for food are slaughtered and not just randomly killed in public places. Therefore, these polices are meant actually to give some rights similar to that of humans to these animals.  It is explicitly clear that as time progresses these rights, policies and laws concerning the “rights” of animals will become more encompassing and eventually become same as that of humans.

Again, there is another group of individuals that are of the views that humans must continuously employ animas to satisfy their various needs including food and research. The dominance of humans over animals is quite glaring and this is connected to their nature, level of intelligence, physiological and anatomical make up as against that of humans. As far back as history can remind us now; animals are seemly designed to serve the human race and the humans have wonderfully engaged these animals thus. Protein which is one of the major classes of food is predominantly gotten from animals, importantly therefore, people will progressively get their protein (food) satisfaction from these animals else they will become deficient in protein which will adversely affect their immune system or lead to several unwanted and life-threatening ailments. Medically, animals have been very helpful in research like in the case of Rhesus factor; a particular group of animals – “monkeys” to be precise were greatly instrumental in the Rhesus factor research work. Base on the evident-driven facts presented herein, it is validated that humans will continuously get their food from animals and gladly employs them for research work whenever the need arises.  

In Conclusion, looking at the merits and demits of both views as expanded in this piece of writing, it is evidently clear and my unwavering opinion that man will excitedly linger on in the use of animals as both food and varying research work.


The International English Language Testing System – IELTS has four modules which are speaking test, listening test, reading test and the writing test. This piece of information seeks to expose to you what you need to have a high band in the IELTS Speaking Module hence, understanding IELTS Speaking Test. 


Why the IELTS Speaking Test?

Perhaps the first and most important key to succeeding in the IELTS Speaking test is to understand the mind of the examiner for setting the questions in the IELTS Speaking Test. 

The IELTS Speaking test is carefully structured to see how well you communicate fluently in Standard English Language. Your ability to flow naturally and unhindered while making logical sense as you speak will be well appreciated in the IELTS Speaking Test. Your construction of sentences, use of grammar, vocabulary and ability to express yourself, your ideas will be generally accessed and evaluated during the speaking test.

Parts of the IELTS Speaking Test

Understanding IELTS Speaking Test, IELTS speaking test is divided into three parts if you add the greeting session to it, then it becomes four parts. So the IELTS Speaking test is divided into the following parts

  1. Part One – The part one is called Introduction and general questions
  2. Part Two: Long Turn
  3. Part Three: Analytical discussion 

How Do I successfully Prepare for the IELTS Speaking Test?

This is one of the many questions in the heart of test takers, how to easily pass the ielts speaking test, in this write up we are going to give you access to timeless strategies for passing the IELTS Speaking Test. It is your duty to calm, extensively and thoroughly study them. At the end of the material I will drop a video link where you can watch our special tutorials on IELTS in general 


Strategies for passing IELTS Speaking part One: Introduction and General Questions

  1. Get ready to make good impression from this very beginning
  2. Maintain eye contact with the examiner and be mindful of your body language
  3. Ensure you answer the question head-on, i.e. focus on the question
  4. Try to give your response  in 2,3,4 sentences; not too long or too short responses 
  5. Your response can be negative or positive; but you will have to say why
  6. Take into consideration the major components that should form your answer; see example below

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Strategies for passing IELTS Speaking Part Two; Long Turn

Part two is the heart of the speaking test, much attention is necessary therefore to come out with good score, consider the following strategies

  1. Ensure you understand the question and make helpful notes during the one minute given to you to prepare your response
  2. Take note of key words from the topic questions and use their synonyms and related words while speaking / giving your response
  3. Speaking passionately about the topic and ensure it is highly engaging while speaking- watch some of Barrack Obama speeches and others
  4. Think of the most exciting statement to begin your speaking if possible
  5. Stay focus on the Question and ensure all the bullets sub-questions are answered while speaking
  6. Use as many as connecting words as possible e.g. for example, despite, furthermore, additionally, interestingly, because, however, but, for instance, next, in those days, now,
  7. Use as many relevant Idioms as possible
  8. If you are feeling exhausted while speaking then try to speak longer by (a) explaining again, a point you already made (b) peep into your note for possible idea (s) to speak on
  9. Never stop speaking until the examiner stops you.


Strategies for Passing IELTS Speaking Part Three; Analytical Discussion 

  1. Use generalization rather than self-reference while speaking
  2. Use key phrase from the topic to introduce your speech
  3. Employ connecting words to link idea to idea while speaking
  4. On question that borders on whether you agree or disagree, express your stand with confidence and justify them with relate examples, but take a stand!
  5. Speak at length but stay on the topic; 5- 7 sentences will be fine
  6. Remember to appreciate the examiner at the end of the speaking test; e.g. thank you so much for listening to me.


What You Should Know About IELTS Speaking Test Part One, Two and Three

IELTS Speaking Part one and Three takes the form of “Questions and answers”. The examiner asks the question and you simply answer them. But in Part two you will have to speak for 1-2 minutes without interruption and alone. 

Again, Part one and Two has to do with your opinion and therefore you could use self-reference like; it is my opinion, I believe, I know etc. Whereas Part three is non-personal question type, it is abstract, complex and general-opinion question type. So in part three it is not advisable to do self-reference.  You stick to what is generally accepted. In part three, while speaking or giving your response use world known, bodies like WHO, UN, USAid; Political Leaders like known presidents and many of such when giving information. For Example it is better to say “According to the recent reports by the World Health Organization, there is stability in the spread of Covid-19” rather than to say “I know that the spread of covid-19 is stable now”. The difference is WHO….. 


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Check below IELTS writing Task 2 sample question with answer carefully written and proof-read by Fhobs Solutions

Sample Question for ielts writing task 2

Do you think it is better for students to work before their university study? Why? Use reasons and specific examples to support your choice

Sample Answer

It is of great importance in our current days and time that everyone should be educated, sadly in some countries especially developing nations some people are made to stay at home for a considerable period of time before finally gaining admission into higher institution of learning. Within this time, could it be a wise decision for students to be working while waiting for the entrance into school to be granted to them? In my view, it is a smart thing to do and in this essay I am going to employ some salient facts and well-structured explanations to support this opinion.

Firstly, it gives the students the opportunity to acquire social skills which obviously will be very useful and helpful while at school. Taking a lead from history line, there are uncountable numbers of people who actually sponsored and paid their ways through higher learning institutions. Interestingly, they were able to achieve this on the ticket of some of the skills they gained at some point in life especially during pre-schools periods. Additionally, working while waiting for the privilege to be enrolled into university will actually give you … skills and exposure that will be an asset to you while finally in school. For Instance, the famous blind Helen Keller who became a motivational speaker, orator, lecturer and a world influencer had to work before gaining entrance into school and even learnt how to play the musical keyboard to a professional level. Clearly then, it pays more to work before university study.

Again, it mitigates against possible and unconscious recruitment into some sort of social vices groups within the community. It is an age-long saying that “that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” this illustrates, typifies and demonstrates with indisputable evidences in our various societies that when people most importantly youths and young adults are not meaningfully engaged they become subjected to easy negative influence.  Most notoriously known people in our world today especially core kidnappers, killers and armed-robbers joined such gangs during a time in their lives when they felt not-doing-anything. Essentially therefore, when people not working while waiting for admission into school, they become easy prey for recruitment into unreasonable groups in the community where they live. 

Conclusively, it makes logical sense that some school of thought might have the ideology that negates working before university study. However, it has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt from my points and explanations in this piece of writing that working before entry into higher institution of learning bags more gains than loss.

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Speaking Part Two Sample Question

Kindly practice answering the IELTS Speaking Part Two sample Question below, you are to use the voice note of your WhatsApp to record your response and send to +2349037672796 through WhatsApp for our evaluation. Again, you to prepare your response within sixty seconds and give your response in two minutes. Additionally ensure you time yourself.

In this section you are given a cue card / task card which will contain the topic question and some bullets; see sample below

cue / Task Card

Describe a unique gift you have received from some one

You should Say:

  • Who gave it to you
  • What kind of gift it was
  • How it compare to other gifts you have received

Explain why the gift is so unique to you

Every Exam is deliberately planned and executed by the organizers of IELTS to meet specific test-demands.  Hence there are usually structured topics made available by the same organizers of the test.   Ours therefore, is just to produce possible questions that might be asked in relations to those topics that have made available.  


How We Evaluate Your Response

We are strongly advised by the examiner (The British Council) not to award any band score to anyone during practice sessions. What we do is to simply make corrections on your responses to us and show you how to present a better and high score oriented speech. 


Kindly use the voice note of your whatsapp and record your response then send it to our official whatsapp line +2349037672796. 

Topic:  Work 

Below are some of the questions you might be asked about Work

  1. What is your job?
  2. Do you like your job?
  3. Is your job a popular one in your Country?
  4. What was your first day at work like?
  5. Would you say you found fulfilment in your job?

Topic: Study

Below are some of the probable questions about study that you might be asked during the IELTS Speaking Part One Test.

  1. What do you study?
  2. Where do you study it?
  3. Do you get along with your colleagues?
  4. If you have the chance, would you change the subject  or course?
  5. Do you plan to get a job with your current course of study?

Topic: Hometown

Some of the questions that you might be asked under this topic are listed below

  1. Where is your hometown located?
  2. How much do you like your hometown?
  3. When last did you visit your hometown?
  4. Is there proper transport system in your hometown?