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Many people have various reasons for concluding on relocating out of Nigeria to other countries of the world. The commonest of them all is the desire for a greener pasture fueled by the passion to fulfill one’s life maximally or simply put to explore the possibilities available out there.  Whatever being your reason for desiring to relocate out of the country it’s a noble aspiration that should be encouraged but however, many countries of the world have hostile and very stringent restrictions towards people migrating to their country. This is why it will be very imperative that you employ the best strategy if you must succeed in securing visa to legally move to any country of your choice.

To this end, we have one major approach we employ in assisting people to secure this visa; it is engaging the education route which is safe, secured, guaranteed and obviously the best.


Available Options under the Educational Route to Travel Abroad

Exploring the educational route as an avenue to travel abroad, means seeking and gaining admission into any higher institutions of learning in your desired country of destination. This admission can be a scholarship pogramme or standard school programme. Kindly see the opportunities available below;


Option #1-Standard Admission

This is assisting you to secure admission (standard admission) into any school of your choice


Option #2 – Scholarship

This is to assist you secure scholarship programme in higher Institution


Option #3 – Certification

In this third option, we will help you research and come up with a certification exam base on your current qualification that you can write and use to process work visa on a separate arrangement.  


Note: each of the routes above has their terms and conditions


Administrative Cost Implication

The cost below is solely for our administrative purposes, it will not be paid to any government or agency on the behalf of the applicants.


Option #1-Standard Admission

N50, 000.00 only

One – time Application: The fee covers one-time application to one university of your desired country + one re-application to the same university if need arises


N 100, 000.00 only

          One-time Application: The fee covers one-time application to three universities in the same country. Plus reapplications until the admission is secured, unless if the applicant is not able to meet the requirement especially the finance


Option #2 – Scholarship

N150, 000.00 only to be paid in two installments (50,000 at the commencement and 100,000 after the scholarship is awarded)

This is the only administrative fee to be paid.


Option #3 – Certification

N 100,000.00 only to be paid in two installments (70,000 at the commencement and 30,000.00 before the collection of the certificate from our center)


Kindly take note of the Followings;

  • We are a consultancy agency; this means we assist you to apply for admission (either scholarship or otherwise) and follow it up to ensure you are granted the admission
  • The Administration for Admission is different from the administration for visa application though we provide both supports
  • We do not promise automatic granting of admission; each country has their rules and requirement for seeking for admission which is narrowed down to the Institution.
  • Some schools take Application fee which you have to pay in the case of such schools during application processes


General Requirements for Seeking for Admission

  • You should have an international passport that has not expired
  • You should have an English Proficiency Exam result especially IELTS, GRE, or TOEFL
  • You have your transcript Ready or be able to provide it within the shortest possible time
  • You should be able to provide a Referee
  • Availability of all relevant educational documents


Document we will assist you to partly develop

We will assist you in developing the following needed documents

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP); this is actually your first official essay to the school about yourself that should have around 1500 word. Here will assist you to come up with a globally accepted SOP
  • Standard Resume / CV
  • Gap Year Work Experience


How to Commence the Application Processes

  • Identity the best option for you
  • Make the required payment
  • Then we will begin our work

Thank you for choosing Fhobs Solutions

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