Company History/Profile

 FHOBS SOLUTIONS started in 2005 as a freelance firm while in Kano actually without a name then. It became an established ICT training center in Abuja at House 26, Lugbe Zone 6, Along Musa Yar’Adua Expressway, Abuja (FCT-Nigeria) from 30th September, 2007 to October 2015 as Fhobs Computer Institute, within this period our basic activities where computer training, computer repairs and computer networking services and few others. Around 2015, the Managing Director Mr. Aisaboluokpia Fredrick decided to relocate to Asaba Delta State Nigeria and because there was no one he could trust to manage the business, he sold it to one Jimmy Momoh who continued similar activities there but with his own business name that different from Fhobs Computer Institute. Though the business; Fhobs Computer Institute was doing well while in Abuja the Managing Director went ahead to sold the business items to Jimmy Momoh sighting spiritual reasons for the relocation.  At this point the business name was not yet registered with Cooperate Affairs Commission – CAC.

While in Asaba, around late 2017 the Managing Director; Mr. Aisaboluokpia Fredrick decided to register the business name with the Cooperate Affairs Commission – CAC and found out that for some business reasons he has to change the business name from Fhobs Computer Institute and so he changed the name to Fhobs Solutions and registered it with Cooperate Affairs Commission – CAC as so. So the current business name Fhobs Solutions was registered with Cooperate Affairs Commission – CAC in January 2018 by Mr. Aisaboluokpia Azegbewhi Fredrick as the sole proprietor of the business.

Website/Apps Development Solutions


Aisaboluokpia Fredrick the MD of Fhobs Computer Institute now Fhobs Solutions got to Abuja around 2007 and vowed that he was going to started his training center before the end of September of that same year 2007. At this point he doesn’t have any job, he was only going to business centers to find out if there were computers to fix and other ICT related jobs to do. Few weeks later he was employed in a computer training center called “Someplace Else”; it was within this period that he began to save money little by little to start up his dreamed ICT training center. He started by buying System unit first for N 17,500.00, later bought monitor, keyboard and other accessories. So exactly 30th September, 2007 He started the computer training institute with just one computer and a small tiger generator.

currently Fhobs Solutions provides innovative/digital computer skills training services, website/apps development, deployment/deployment of Management Systems, computer designs and commercial print media services, business center services, foreign language testing services (Registrations & Training) like TOEFL, IELTS & SAT.


Fhobs Solutions’ cooperate office is located at No. 74 Ibusa Road, by Zappa Junction, Asaba-Delta State. Currently (as at May, 2019); Fhobs Solutions engage the services of four employees (4), two (2) Free Lancers making it a total of six (6) in all.

Profile of THE MANAGING Director

The Managing Director, Mr. Aisaboluokpia Azegbewhi Fredrick is a graduate of computer science from the Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia in 2012. He has also completed some professional and Business Management courses from the popular Lagos Business School in 2019. More importantly, Mr. Aisaboluokpia Azegbewhi Fredrick has managed several ICT firms successfully in Kano, Abuja and Asaba before resigning to establish Fhobs Solutions in 2018.


Mr. Aisaboluokpia Azegbewhi Fredrick who is the Managing Director of Fhobs Solutions is very resourceful in the IT/ICT industry as he is a Web/app developer, Cyber Security Admin, Content Management Strategist, Computer Network Administrator, Graphic Designer, E-Marketing/Online Marketing Strategist and ICT Trainer. He is also a motivational speaker, a visionary, a goal oriented person and a social commentator.

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