E-Marketing Solutions

Drastically Improve the Visibility of your Products / Services

This service helps more people to find your website, products and services easily on the internet. People are gradually moving away from the traditional and archaic method of marketing to this online best practices. This is why Bill Gates said “any business that is not on the internet will soon be out of business”


Kindly select the e-marketing strategy that meets your business demands below; 

#1-Social Media Marketing

This strategy will enhance the visibility of your products and services through the social media channels and the activities to be done includes the followings;

  1. Create relevant social media pages and handles for your business / brand if not existing already
  2. Promote Your brand, products and services through the social media pages and handles
  3.  Promote your Business website through the social Media handle
  4. Landing Page will be created for the promotions; this is where you will be interacting directly with the prospects

Method of Promotion

The promotion will be set at five (5) days periods and will be pushed for five (5) consecutive times. 

Duration for this Exercise

This activity will last for a period of six weeks, within this period we will also provide supervision an any assistance where and when necessary.

Cost Implication

N 70,000.00

#2-Search Engine Optimization-SEO

This is the best and traditional method which has been proven to be very effective in enhancing the visibility of your products and services within the internet domain. This method is as old as the internet itself though it has undergone some reformations.  The gains of the e-marketing strategies will last as long as the internet is in existence. The activities will includes but not limited to the followings;

  1. Configuration of the Internet native language on your website. 
  2. Meta data and key words implementation
  3. Website SEO code enhancement and upgrade
  4. Google business platform creation and intense projection for the business
  5. Google business products and services creations for your products 
  6. Google Analytics Implementations to be connected to your email

Cost Implication

N 180,000.00