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Speaking Part Two Sample Question

Kindly practice answering the IELTS Speaking Part Two sample Question below, you are to use the voice note of your WhatsApp to record your response and send to +2349037672796 through WhatsApp for our evaluation. Again, you to prepare your response within sixty seconds and give your response in two minutes. Additionally ensure you time yourself.

In this section you are given a cue card / task card which will contain the topic question and some bullets; see sample below

cue / Task Card

Describe a unique gift you have received from some one

You should Say:

  • Who gave it to you
  • What kind of gift it was
  • How it compare to other gifts you have received

Explain why the gift is so unique to you

Every Exam is deliberately planned and executed by the organizers of IELTS to meet specific test-demands.  Hence there are usually structured topics made available by the same organizers of the test.   Ours therefore, is just to produce possible questions that might be asked in relations to those topics that have made available.  


How We Evaluate Your Response

We are strongly advised by the examiner (The British Council) not to award any band score to anyone during practice sessions. What we do is to simply make corrections on your responses to us and show you how to present a better and high score oriented speech. 


Kindly use the voice note of your whatsapp and record your response then send it to our official whatsapp line +2349037672796. 

Topic:  Work 

Below are some of the questions you might be asked about Work

  1. What is your job?
  2. Do you like your job?
  3. Is your job a popular one in your Country?
  4. What was your first day at work like?
  5. Would you say you found fulfilment in your job?

Topic: Study

Below are some of the probable questions about study that you might be asked during the IELTS Speaking Part One Test.

  1. What do you study?
  2. Where do you study it?
  3. Do you get along with your colleagues?
  4. If you have the chance, would you change the subject  or course?
  5. Do you plan to get a job with your current course of study?

Topic: Hometown

Some of the questions that you might be asked under this topic are listed below

  1. Where is your hometown located?
  2. How much do you like your hometown?
  3. When last did you visit your hometown?
  4. Is there proper transport system in your hometown?